8th Media of the Day: See a building – as media

We create content to reach the world using future technology, such as buildings as media. We assist our clients to do the same.We’re living in age when buildings themselves are now media  themselves, using giant display screens. Some buildings are being built this way, others buildings will be transformed to be like this. And it’s not just buildings, but bridges and islands, both natural and man-made that can be used for media…

Creating content which can be accessed at scale is then still very attractive from a media perspective. It is here that the imagination can be unleashed to allow for ground-breaking media to emerge.

Alpha1Media™ creates content a scale level for all types of media. Our unique features and services include:

  • High level access to the world’s leading scale-media companies
  • Specific unit staffed with billboard content creation experts who can assist clients to ensure their content is developed and produced in the right format
  • Content available by genre and in all major world languages

For more information on A1SCALE, please contact info@alpha1media.com in the first instance.