1st Media of the Day: Check your phone when you wake

We create content to reach the world by phone. We assist our clients to do the same.Virtually everyone has a phone – and they carry it with them on the move. Where they go, their phone goes too.

Creating content which can be accessed via phones then becomes very attractive from a media perspective. And as technology evolves on the phone, so will content.

Alpha1Media™ creates content for phones, be it mobile phone-specific applications or transforming other forms of media or mobile phone usage. Some of our unique features include:

  • High-level access to the management and product development divisions of the world’s leading mobile phone companies
  • Specific division staffed with telecom experts designed to create mobile phone applications
  • Content available by genre and in all major world languages

For more information on A1PHONE, please contact info@alpha1media.com in the first instance.