9TH Media of the Day: Watch media walk – or drive – by

We create content to reach the world using the media of motion, people and cars who carry the message. We assist our clients to do the same.A vehicle carrying a media message is conventional marketing – but a person with a media message isn’t. In the same way that word of mouth and endorsements are the best forms of marketing, the people carrying the message would be the best marketers.

Creating content which can be accessed in motion is then still very attractive from a media perspective. A current and future technology, it encapsulates positioning with influencers, via endorsements and word of mouth, in addition to bespoke branding with people and vehicles.

Alpha1Media™ creates media content in motion which is cutting edge, and centred around the reality of social-networking sites.  Our unique features and services include:

  • High level access to the world’s leading key influencers and automotive companies
  • Specific unit staffed with motion content creation experts who can assist clients to ensure their content is developed and produced in the right format
  • Content available by genre and in all major world languages

For more information on A1MOTION, please contact info@alpha1media.com in the first instance.