Alpha1Media launches A1Film Top 10 List 2012

Alpha1Media launches A1Film Top 10 List 2012

London, UK (26 December 2012): Global diversified media firm Alpha1Media International on December 26 has launched its inaugural annual list of the top 10 films from around the world which cinema audiences enjoyed in 2012.

The A1Film Top 10 List for 2012 highlights films from Hollywood, Bollywood, the Middle East and the Far East which are reflective of the best of global popular cinema in 2012, Alpha1Media said.

The A1Film Top 10 List in order:

1. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ - IMDB:  8.7

@Alpha1Media Review of #TheDarkKnightRises completes the best #trilogy in #film history based on a #hero #TheGodfather is based on #villain

2. ‘Life of Pi’ - IMDB: 8.4

@Alpha1Media Review of @LifeOfPiMovie by Ang Lee with Irrfan Khan is a beautiful and meaningful film made for an #Oscar @TheAcademy #A1Film

3. ‘The Avengers’ - IMDB: 8.4

A1FILM 2011 @Avengers @Marvel The best ensemble of 7 #Avengers since the Magnificent 7 and the 7 Samurai @TheRealStanLee @Agent_M

4. ‘Kahaani’ / ‘Story’ - IMDB:  8.2

@Alpha1Media Review of Kahaani – able to take the ending of a Hollywood film and with a great script and acting making an amazing film @sujoy_g

5. ‘Argo’ - IMDB: 8.2

@Alpha1Media Review of #Argo @BenAffleck directs stars in #Iran #Syriana – #Oscar film which allows you to #TimeTravel #TheAcademy #A1Film

6. ‘Skyfall’ - IMDB:  8.0

@Alpha1Media Review of #Skyfall combines Oscars, Nolan and Bourne #SkyfallRedCarpet @JamesBond @007 #A1Film

Alpha1Media at the Royal World Premiere of Skyfall

7. ‘Fateh 1453’/ ‘Conquest of Two Empires 1453’ - IMDB: 8

@Alpha1Media Review of @Fetih1453movie Worthy of its conquest towards the end, needs better global dubbing – Turkey’s biggest film #A1Film

8. ‘Serbuan maut’ / ‘The Raid’ - IMDB: 7.6

@Alpha1Media Review @TheRaidUS @TheRaidUK marks cinema #Indonesia + star @Iko_Uwais + Director @GHuwEvans on world stage – honorary #A1Film

9. ‘The Amazing Spider-man’ - IMDB:  7.3

@Alpha1Media Review of @SpiderManMovie #TheAmazingSpiderman from the #AmazingSpidermanPremiere #A1Film @TomCruise

Alpha1Media at the Gala European and UK Premiere of The Amazing Spider-man

10. ‘Agneepath’ / ‘The Path of Fire’ - IMDB:  7

@AgneepathMovie #Agneepath @duttsanjay as Kancha is Bane, The Joker and Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now – a historic Indian cinema villain

Seven of the top 10 films selected by Alpha1Media have been recognized in the official A1Film Preview List of 2012, four of these are non-English language films.

The only actor to appear in two films in this year’s A1Film Top 10 2012 list is Indian actor Irrfan Khan who appears in ‘Life of Pi’ at No. 2 and ‘The Amazing Spider-man’, No. 9. Of further interest, Khan appears in both films in which there is a character called ‘Richard Parker’; in ‘The Amazing Spider-man’, it’s name of the hero, Peter Parker’s, father who appears in the film and in ‘Life of Pi’, it’s the name of the Tiger who shares the boat with Pi.

Alpha1Media™ was also the only company in the world to be VIP guests at milestone film premieres of Spider-man and James Bond in 2012, celebrating 50th year anniversaries for both characters featured in the A1Film Top 10 List.

Alpha1Media™ were VIP guests at the Royal World Premiere of ‘Skyfall’ at No. 6  at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK on 23 October 2012 (the 50th anniversary of the first James Bond film, Dr. No, in 1962)

Alpha1Media™ were VIP guests at the Gala European and UK Premiere of ‘The Amazing Spider-man’ at No. 9 at the Odeon Leicester Square, London, UK on 18 June 2012 (the 50th anniversary of the creation of Spider-man in 1962)

Films which were included in the original A1Film Preview List for 2012 and which are noted for both positive and negative reasons are ‘Red Lights’‘Talaash’/ ‘Search’‘The Expendables 2’,  ‘The Bourne Legacy’ and ‘Prometheus’.

Films which were not included in the original A1Film Preview List for 2012 and which are noted for solely positive reasons are ‘Looper’‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’‘Silver Playbooks Lining’‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’.

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