A1-Genre Films

Alpha1Media™ specialises in the genesis of ideas – developed into stories – which are presented in the form of a film marketing proposal called a treatment, which is sold to a film production company for development. Alpha1Media™ focuses its activities in cinema specifically in certain areas – and in what makes a good film. These are A1-Genre Films:

1 – The Intelligent Blockbuster – a critically-acclaimed and commercially-successful film

The Dark Knight, Spider-Man 2, Inception

2 – The Faustian Pact – a film which examine the role of evil in everyday life

Seven, Usual Suspects, Devil’s Advocate

3 – The Duel – a film about two antagonists, similar but on opposite sides

Heat, Collateral, The Prestige

4 – The Play – a film which can easily be produced in a theatre

12 Angry Men, Glengarry Glen Ross, Memento

5 – The Cross-Culture – a film which allows cultures to crossover

Slumdog Millionaire, Empire of the Sun, Kingdom of Heaven

6 – The Political Thriller – a film where politics and ethics collide

The Parallax View, The Manchurian Candidate, Body of Lies

7 – The Zeitgeist – a film which captures the time it was made in

Rocky IV, Fight Club, The Matrix

8 – The Holy Epic – a film about sacred missions

The Ten Commandments, The Message, The Passion of the Christ

9 – The Historical Epic – a film about how history was made

Lawrence of Arabia, The Last Emperor, Gladiator

10 – The Franchise – a film intended for sequels

The Godfather, Rocky, Rambo