5th Media of the Day: Seeing billboards on the way to work

We create content to reach the world by billboard. We assist our clients to the same.Boards for advertising, from bus-boards to billboards, are a medium which are found everywhere – at the side of a road or building, on highways or the high street. Their aim of conveying messages in public places are a concept now found around the world.

Creating content which can be accessed by billboard is then still very attractive from a media perspective. As the technology of billboards evolves from the stationary paper-based image to the video billboards and beyond, so will the content communicated.

Alpha1Media creates content for billboards which is information-based (news and documentaries), scripted entertainment (fictional programmes) to non-scripted entertainment (reality-based radio.) Our unique features and services include:

  • High level access to the world’s leading billboard advertising companies.
  • Specific unit staffed with billboard content creation experts who can assist clients to ensure their content is developed and produced in the right format
  • Content available by genre and in all major world languages

For more information on A1BOARD, please contact info@alpha1media.com in the first instance.